Our Approach

TJA success is based primarily on referrals from highly satisfied clients and law firms for more than 40 years. A cornerstone of this approach has been a professional business model that focuses on exceptional technical quality and strategic expert consulting. Through its association with an excellent team of Consulting Associates and team members, TJA is able to maintain and expand its expert and technical consulting services, utilizing a wide range of technical experts and advisors. This business approach includes collaboration with subcontracted Consulting Associates to form project teams.   

TJA Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional expert services and technical expertise to our clients.  TJA and its Consulting Associates and team members do this by acting as responsible and objective technical experts and advisors for our clients. We are committed to being experts through continuous improvement in maintaining and expanding our technical skills and knowledge, and maintaining our professional ethics and reputation. We strive for our work product to be of exceptional quality without compromising integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as exceptional technical experts and advisors, providing our clients with environmental expert services.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of TJA and its teams of Consulting Associates are:

  • To provide expert services and technical consulting of exceptional technical quality for the client
  • To maintain a positive and collaborative culture with Consulting Associates and team members
    to create value for our clients
  • To promote a highly ethical framework within which to grow and be enriched both personally
    and professionally
  • To always pursue excellence